where does your story start?

Storytelling Sessions are personal and completely customizable. They can happen at home or anywhere else. They can happen first thing in the morning, dancing in pajamas while you make pancakes. They can happen in the evening, cuddling up to read stories with a glass of milk. They can capture baby's crazy bedhead as he wakes up to welcome the day, a beachside wander on a winter's afternoon, or a backyard bonfire on those last lingering days of summer. They can include newborn witching hours complete with bathtime and tuck-in, or lazy Sunday mornings on the back deck while the kids roam free through the yard. I can be there for quiet Wednesday mornings while you nurse baby and lay him down to rest, join you for walks through the forest, attend first birthday parties, and tag along for sneaky midsummer swims.

The only question is: what story do you want to tell?

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Who is your ideal client?

You. It's you.
But seriously: are you kind, genuine, and looking for amazing photos? Yes? You are my ideal client.

We're super awkward in front of the camera!

Correction: you THINK you're super awkward in front of the camera. And I get it, I feel weird too; like, I really don't know what to do with my arms! But I assure you, for most of our time together you just won't have to worry about it. I typically photograph you in your natural state of being together. When I do pose, I do so loosely and then ask you to interact; this always looks incredibly natural - and I'm really, really good at catching anything that looks off along the way.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based out of Visalia, California (near Fresno, California), and I love to travel! Let's discuss how I can get to you!

Do we have to purchase prints/products?

The short answer is no. The long answer is nooooo.
While I'm proud to offer a full service (including absolutely BEAUTIFUL prints!) you always have full print rights on any purchased digitals.

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! Let's chat about what works for your family.

What about discounts?

I currently offer two discounts. Best part? They're totally stackable!
* Sessions pre-paid in full: 10% off
* Current + former military, educators, first responders: 5% off

How soon should I book?

I recommend booking as soon as possible! Because I take on a limited number of sessions per year, I tend to book several weeks in advance for photoshoots.

Wait...limited sessions?!

Yes! I will ONLY accept a limited number of sessions each year. I believe it's SO important to work with the RIGHT people, because I want to have an amazing relationship with each of my clients. I can only do that if we relate with one another...and if I actually have the time to spend with them!
Because of this, I only accept up to 48 newborn & family Storytelling Sessions each year. Additionally, I only book up to 2-4 sessions per month to ensure that I'm available for on-call appointments and editing throughout the month.
Please connect with me to inquire about my schedule and to see if we're the perfect fit!

Newborn baby sleeping on top of the family dog on the bed during an in-home newborn photo session in Reedley, California

My daughter likes to twirl. She will just twirl randomly and most picture places miss that joy filled moment and then ask her to spin again but the purity of the moment is gone. The joy on her face erased and replaced with confusion or concentration. I am so happy to have found Taylor, she captures every moment as it happens, no redos, no "damn, it happened too fast." Taylor is always ready wtih her camera and no position is an awkward position or pose when she's behind the camera.


excited to get started?

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