hi, i'm taylor.

I'm an award-winning photographer from Fresno, California. I'm called mom by one tiny human with high-functioning autism (and Tay-Tay by a strong-headed little nephew who I consider my own). I've had the blessing of being educated by some of the best in the industry, making me a glued-together mosaic of the best you can find (or, in other words, your dream photographer).

I'm a lifestyle documentarist who is drawn to raw, human, and emotive photography. Sessions with me are about moments: hands in loose hair; clothes dancing in the wind; the smell of warm rain filtering through pines; kisses on foggy dirt paths; and the incredible feeling of standing atop ocean cliffs. I'm drawn to the realness of family life, so I absolutely live for in-home sessions planned around your true stories—giggles, mischief, and tantrums included. But I'm also 100% willing to pack up and follow you halfway across the country.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to tell your story. Each day spent with all of you feels like the biggest adventure.

kind words.

kind words.

“TMP introduced me to the beauty that is lifestyle photography. I look at the photos she’s given me, and I can still hear my kids laughs and giggles because of her talent of freezing a moment in time. She doesn’t just give us photos, she gives us memories.”