Billie's Fresh 48 Baby Session

Fresh 48 Newborn photography has been my favorite genre for a long time; there's something so magical about getting to be a part of someone's first days on earth. I love watching big brothers and sisters meet their new siblings, parents cuddle and cry with joy, grandparents coo and rock the little people they've been dying to meet. Everything about it is wonderful.

But it can be a challenge. You don't always get the best lighting in hospital rooms. Sometimes baby isn't consolable, and you spend most of the session calming and feeding. Moms are tired and frustrated from lack of sleep but they feel pressured to get the perfect moments.

Remember that these sessions are a documentary of your life right now. I want you to shrug off the weight and just enjoy it. If baby needs to cry for a while, I'll stay overtime. If you need a nap, I'll come back later. I'm in no rush to manufacture perfection.

For a quick look at a session, scroll through the album (and get ready for some baby fever).